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Reception 2020 - open mornings Wednesday 6th November 2019 and Friday 10th January 2020 - 10.00am - Reception 2020 - open mornings Wednesday 6th November 2019 and Friday 10th January 2020 - 10.00am  - Reception 2020 
It is important that you inform the school of the reason for absence. If the school has not been informed, you will be contacted and asked to explain the absence. The school receives monthly monitoring visits from the Attendance Advisory Practitioner and any attendance percentages below 96% are queried and checked at the next visit. The AAP will contact parents if it is considered that there is an issue with a child's attendance.

Holiday Leave

From September 2013 the DfE has amended legislation on term time holidays. Unlike the 10 days allowed in the past, no term time holidays will be granted except in exceptional circumstances. If parents decide to take their children out of school for a holiday which has not been agreed, a fixed penalty notice of £60 per child per parent who lives in the household (this includes step parents and partners), payable within 28 days may be issued, the proceeds of which goes to the Local Authority. Failure to pay within 28 days results in the fine increasing to £120 per parent. Please be aware that the school has no option but to comply with this.

Attendance Policy
Please see the attached Attendance Policy.
Attendance Policy 
 Attendance in school

• A child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised if no satisfactory explanation is given for absence or if the school considers the information received from a parent is not an acceptable reason for absence.
• Parents will be informed of their child’s low attendance level and invited to discuss their child’s attendance when:

a) A child continues to be absent for more than seven days without explanation.

b) A child is absent for seven school days or more with an unsatisfactory explanation.

c) A child’s attendance drops below 90% for no specific medical or other acceptable reason.
• Where a pattern of unauthorised absence persists or attendance does not improve, despite the school’s involvement, the Attendance Advisory Practitioner will be contacted and asked to visit the home.
• Staff are asked to inform the school office of any unexplained absences and the school will then telephone home for a reason for absence.
• If members of staff are concerned about the level of attendance or punctuality of any of the children in their class, they should inform the head teacher.
• Attendance will be monitored regularly and parents will be informed of their child’s attendance.
• Towards the end of Term 6 attendance figures will be included with the child’s annual progress report.
• Attendance figures are reported termly to the governors in the Head’s Report.
• The school aims to promote, among parents and children, a high level of awareness of the need for regular and prompt attendance.
• A statement defining the school’s expectations relating to attendance appears in the school’s prospectus.
• Parents are advised of the school’s expectations during the induction meetings for new children.
• Parents are reminded regularly in newsletters of the importance of good attendance and timekeeping.
• Parents are made aware that the head teacher can no longer authorise absence for family holiday except in exceptional circumstances.
• Parents are requested to ring school by 9.10am to notify us that their child will be absent. The school will then authorise absences that are due to sickness.
• The school registers are closed at 9.10am each morning. Children who have not arrived by the end of registration are marked absent. Latecomers should report to the school office on arrival. The child will be given a ‘late after register closed’ mark.
• If the school has been informed that the child will arrive late due to a medical/dental appointment then an attendance mark will be given on arrival.
• In the eventuality of a child having long term absence or persistent absence the Attendance Advisory Practitioner or a member of the Persistent Absence team will be contacted for advice.